How to: install a DRIVE-TIGHT End Assembly


How to: Install a Pine Post Stay Kit


Rotech’s STAYTIGHT™ all steel strainer assemblies have revolutionized the fencing industry. This unique range provides the user with the simplest, most efficient and versatile system on the market. The comprehensive range of choices includes both heavy duty and standard options for Angle posts, round posts and an adjustable stay system for timber posts.

Each style is packed with valuable and innovative features that ensure the end result is both economical and professional.

STAYTIGHT™ puts a quality finish within the reach of everyone, ensuring your project becomes a valuable and long lasting improvement to your property. Such is the versatility of this unique range it can be used on all rural fencing projects including boundaries, house blocks, temporary grazing areas and even vineyard trellising. This system is rapidly gaining popularity and is endorsed by Government Departments, contractors and private landholders alike.

Be sure to trial STAYTIGHT™ End assemblies with your next fencing project!