Storage Solutions

Wire Mesh Stillage Cage

  • Perfect storage/organising option for freight companies, warehouses, factories and even garages. Some common uses are: spare parts, firewood, kindling, scrap metal, recycling, bulk food storage, and the list goes on…
  • Strong and sturdy enough to be stacked 4 high.
  • High strength design that can hold up to 1000kg (1t)
  • Open wire construction enables you to see what's stored inside clearly.
  • Half drop gate makes it easy to load or unload parts.
  • Foldable design, allowing the sides to collapse and fold flat for space-saving when not in use.

Wire Mesh Stillage Cage Dimensions

The cage measures; 1200mm (1.2m) wide, 1000mm (1m) deep, and 900mm (.9m) high. When the cage is fully collapsed, it is about 150mm high.

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